Top 5 Devices To Track Your Metabolism

Studies on metabolism have shed a lot of light on our understanding of the topic. Armed with this knowledge, we can understand what it takes to maintain a healthy body weight. Metabolism however, is more than that. By understanding your own metabolism, you can leverage this information to improve athletic performance and weight loss or maintenance. A new technology is emerging, metabolism devices. These devices arm you with more accurate knowledge of your metabolism and help measure you performance. In this post, we introduce to you the top 5 metabolism device of 2020.

1. Breezing Pro

Breezing Pro is a wearable device aimed at healthcare providers want to use metabolism devices. The idea is to use data derived from the device to build a nutritional diet, based on patients metabolic needs.

This device can be purchased individually, however it is expensive at nearly $6,000 , requiers buying disposable cartridges and is not really designed for the home environment.

How it works:

The Breezing Pro measures Oxygen consumption and Carbon Dioxide production in your breath. There is an app available for practitioners to see the patients results, history, and progress.

This device takes 10 minutes in order to get a good reading. There is a disposal mask that allows the device to sit steady on your face to collect your breath. After the 10 minutes, you get a reading and it sends the data directly to your mobile device.

The technology does show promise. However, the size, comfort and method of breath collection, user experience still needs improving.

2. Lumen

Lumen is a home use, hand held device. It uses your breath to tell you if you’re burning fat or carbs. According to your goal and your results, it then gives you dietary recommendations.

A big element of training or weight loss, is understanding what kind of fuel your body is using up. By understanding if you are burning carbs or fat, you can reach your goals faster. 

Prior to Lumen, this information about your metabolism required professional testing. Lumen has provided an option to bring this technology home, in the palm of your hand. Unlocking the secret to your metabolism lays in your breath.

Lumen is currently $299 and does not require a subscription or cartridges

How it works:

Lumen works by measuring Carbon Dioxide levels from your breath and analyzes your metabolism. It has a user friendly app that guides you along the way. With each breath you are given a score on your fat or carbohydrate burning levels. Overtime, you are given a score of your metabolism flexibility.

They included a cool service feature that allows you to have communicated with a Lumen expert. Lumen is backed with a tone of research, validation studies, and high end sensor technology.

The app’s algorithm learns your metabolism and gives you a calibrated meal plan. Your meal plan provides you with the number of carbs and protein you need to consume for the day, according to your body’s needs. If you’re goal is weight loss, the app also recommends overnight fasts to get your body into fat burning mode.  

Lumen really is like having a “nutritionist in your pocket”. It gives you the power to “hack your metabolism” as they put it.


LEVL is another one of those metabolism devices, presenting fat loss predictions. It collects data on your body’s fat burning performance. The data allows you to understand if you are loosing water, muscle weight or fat.

It comes in two versions for home use and professional use. If you are interested in a ketogenic diet, this device could be a good fit for you.

*Level is mainly for clinics and pricing is only by request

How it works:

LEVL has a similar approach to Breezing and Lumen by measuring your breath. With that in mind, this device measures acetone levels in your breath.

Measuring acetone in your breath is not a new idea. In a state of Ketosis, your body’s use of fat for energy produces acetone. The increase of acetone takes up to 7 days. The idea behind this device is to catch this elevation and monitor your diets effect on acetone levels. This predicts whether or not you are burning fat, and how much of it.

4. Fitbit Aria 2

Created by Fitbit, this scale measures more than just your weight. It is one of those accessible metabolism devices that can help you monitor and control your metabolism and weight. The Aria 2 is a smart scale, that tracks your weight and is integrated to the Fitbit app.

A great feature of this product, is that it allows for up to 8 users. Making it a great product for the whole family.

How it works:

By weighing yourself with this scale, it will show you your weight as well as your BMI (body fat percentage). Your BMI is calculated by taking your body fat percentage and diving it by your total body mass.

The Aria 2 measures your body fat by sending small bio-electrical signals through the body.

It tracks your BMI, body fat percentage and lean mass. On the downside, this is scale, it can give you information about your BMI, but it does not provide you with real time data of the state of your metabolism.

5. Garmin Index™ Smart Scale

This is another smart scale, that connects to the Garmin smart watches. Aimed at weight loss customers and athletes alike, this scale is a device that integrates everything together. Measuring weight, body fat %, water %, bone mass, skeletal muscle mass and BMI. This scale was designed to easily track results and review stats on your progress.

How it works:

Just like the Fitbit Aria 2, the Garmin Index™ uses bio- electrical signals. The scale then calculates the sign after it passes through your body. This calculation is used to estimate your body composition.

Like mentioned earlier is the downside to using a scale to measure your metabolism is the lack of real time, metabolic data. If you want to use a scale to get more information about your body, it is important to use it at the same time of the day in the same conditions. It is important to also note that hydration, and water distribution in your body will impact the accuracy of the results.

In Summary

Using technology to monitor, track and understand your metabolism will allow you to reach amazing results. Understanding your metabolism in a way that has never been available offers vital information that can allow you to adjust your training, diet and lifestyle to suit your needs. Each of these metabolism devices offer that in their own way. They allow you to gather more information on your weight management plan by giving you meaningful data about what is working and what is not.

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