Best Overall Health Apps in 2020

Imagine if—everywhere you went—you could have a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor, psychologist, cheerleader, statistician and yoga instructor right at your side. You could hire a posse to accomplish all that—or take a look at 10 of the best health apps around.

Top-notch health apps give you instant access to the kind of information and inspiration you need to accomplish all of your health goals, no matter what your circumstances may be.

You’re in a hotel room and need a 20-minute yoga session? Check.

You’re feeling stressed and need to clear your head? Check.

You’re trying to eat low carb and are wondering what to have for lunch? Check.

Keep reading to take a closer look at a handful of the best health apps available in 2020. You won’t be paying for a slew of professionals, but you will have all the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

My Fitness Pal

This health app is pretty old school (it’s been around since 2005) but it delivers what you need—nutritional information on more than 2 million foods and an easy way to track what you eat.

Be Sure to Check Out: The nifty feature at the bottom of the daily diary that lets you calculate your future weight “if every day were like this one.”

Yoga | Down Dog

There are hundreds of yoga apps out there, so what makes this one of the best health apps around? There are endless options to customize and configure your yoga experience so that you never do the same session twice. Your practice can be as long or as short as you want, for example, and can target whatever it is you want to improve.

Be Sure to Check Out: The 7-minute Yoga Workout because, sometimes, you just have to sneak it into your day.

D Minder

We’ve all heard about how important Vitamin D is for your immune system and overall health, but most of us only get our levels checked once a year, if that. This health app works by tracking the sun and telling you how much you need for your skin tone.

Be Sure to Check Out: The Vitamin D stopwatch, which tells you when you’ve gotten enough and it’s time to either go inside or put on sunscreen.


You’ll find more than 400 unique workouts, ranging from 1 to 90 minutes long. In addition, there are recommended workout plans to help you meet your fitness goals. From simple daily stretches, for instance, to full-body workouts, this health app makes it easy to get fit.

Be Sure to Check Out: The kid-friendly workouts. Because little ones should be on the right track, too.


Whereas other health apps want to keep you moving, Headspace seeks to slow you down—way down. Because it’s based on the theory that mindfulness mediation can improve physical and mental health. However, many of us don’t know how to do it. Headspace offers hundreds of guided mediations to show the way.

Be Sure to Check Out: Their brilliant advice for mindful parenting.


While some of the biggest health apps come across as a bit corporate, Blogilates is full of personality. That’s thanks to founder Cassey Ho. She’s known for fusing pop music with Pilates—all with the breathless enthusiasm of a best friend who just wants the very best for you. In other words, it’s a lot of fun.

Be Sure to Check Out: The 100 Ab Challenge, which has you do 100 reps of a different ab exercise every day for 30 days.


This health app asks you a few questions and then tells you which food plans are right for you. Next, it sets you up with a plan for healthy eating. Finally, you’ll find a bunch of recipes that fit your goals.

Be Sure to Check Out: The Cream Cheese Pancakes with Berries and Yogurt

Charity Miles

If your own health isn’t enough of an incentive to get moving, Charity Miles might be the extra push you need. Because this health app donates money to a charity you choose (there are more than 40) when you log miles spent running, biking or swimming.

Be Sure to Check Out: The Employee Empowerment Program to create a culture of giving back.


Sure, it tracks your steps—just like the best fitness trackers out there[CS1]. What Fitbit does so well, however, is to offer a whole community of support and services through its app. You can check your sleep score, compete against your college friends in a Workweek Challenge, discover a new recipe for dinner and find a gentle stretching routine to unwind before bed.

Check Out: The Kick Your Sugar Habit program to help you detox from the sweet stuff.


The classic Weight Watchers program now goes under this moniker. It’s based on many of the same principles, however, it has also taken steps to keep up with the times. You can do the entire program online (no meetings unless you want to). Most importantly, it will help you nail your health goals.

Be Sure to Check Out: Details on how the new WW plan, called myWW, is different from previous versions—and how it might work for you.

Reaching Your Goals

It can be a fight to stay fit. But it’s also a whole lot of fun, especially when you have an arsenal of apps to help you on your journey. Looking for another assist? Check out these amazing smart scales, these top 10 fitness trackers and these devices to track your metabolism.

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