Top 5 Fitness Influencers to Follow Today

Living an active lifestyle has never looked so great. A big part of this is down to fitness influencers on social media, in particular Instagram. This platform has gives us easier, eye pleasing access to workout and training tips. There are a tone of great influencers out there that genuinely give some great advice. But for every great trainer, there are tones of people who look good, but release content without knowing the inner workings of what they are discussing. There is a big difference between somebody who looks great and posts selfies in the gym versus somebody who shares evidence based knowledge. These influencers provide genuinely motivational advice, great nutrition tips and great workouts.

Here are the top 5 fitness influencers to follow in 2020:

1. Massy Arias

Massy is a real star in the fitness industry. With a huge following, she is a real source of quality information, motivation and determination. She is one of those fitness influencers that advocates for breaking through body image and not focusing on aesthetics.

Instagram: @massy.arias

Followers: 2.7M

2. Luke Worthington

Luke was an international athlete. Today he is a personal trainer to the stars, a Nike trainer, and a sports scientist. He is well respected in the industry and shares a great deal of his knowledge. There’s not a thing about the human body and how it moves that Luke doesn’t know.

Instagram: @lukewtraining

# Followers: 62.1K

3. Susan Niebergall

In contract to the majority of fitness influencers, Susan is over the age of 30. She’s truly inspirational and proves that age is not a limit to get fit and be at your best. She is an online trainer and shares to the point advice and workout tips for people of all ages. She is an advocate for lifestyle changes and healthy living.

Instagram: @susanniebergallfitness

Followers: 106K

4. Nesrine Dally

Dally is a Muay Thai expert and a Nike trainer. Her Instagram is packed with posts with workout ideas and tips. She updates on her own fitness journey and how she manages the juggle between a busy life and working out.

Instagram: @nez__healthhub

Followers: 21.1K

5. Lucy Mountain

Lucy is a trainer on a mission! Her posts are witty and entertaining. She puts a lot of focus on developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Her Instagram is full of videos, posts, info-graphics and recipes to really hone in her message.

Instagram: @lucymountain

Followers: 348K


So there you have it, these are our top 5 fitness influencers on Instagram for 2020! Whether you’re looking for workout ideas, tips or motivation, these 5 influencers bring it to the table. Honest, evidence based information with motivation. What more could you ask for?

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