Metabolism Efficiency 101 – Why it Matter

What is metabolic efficiency?

Metabolism efficiency is the method of improving the way your body use the energy that it stores. As a result, you need to adapt your nutrition and exercise accordingly.

Where it all started?

The Crossover Concept

It started with the Crossover Concept. An approach to understand the effect of exercise on metabolism.

In the past, this concept was based on endurance exercise and aerobic activities. Today, we understand the importance of diet for athletes. This has resulted in the understanding that highly trained athletes can burn fat faster at lower exercise intensities. 

From this, Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET) was developed.

Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET)

MET follows the basic principles of metabolism, physiology and the “Crossover Concept”. Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET) is an approach which does just that.

This training was developed 12 years ago by Bob Seebohar.

MET aims to be maintainable, accessible and easily personalized. Exercise and daily nutrition interventions is key. By building this strategy, the body uses fat stores and preserve carbohydrate stores. Both during exercise and at a resting state.

It was found that athletes exceed the classic crossover point at approximately 87% intensity. After this point, they convert to using carbohydrates.

The daily nutrition of an athlete, is therefore important on energy energy consumption. This is important for both during exercise and at resting state. 

Who is MET for?

MET works great for any athlete and fitness enthusiast. It does not matter the type of athlete you are. It is however important to adjust your daily nutrition accordingly.

When done properly, changes can be seen pretty fast.

OK, so why should you care?

On average, athletes store over 60,000 calories as fat and approximately 1,500 – 2,400 calories stored as carbs.

These calories can drop fast depending on the duration and intensity of the workout. Training your body to depend more on energy from fat, prevents you from “hitting the wall”. This can often be seen by endurance athletes.

MET also helps to improve recovery post workout and reduces the need for high supplemental carb calories (per hour). This can be beneficial because you need less sports nutrition. Not to mention that MET can also reduce stomach distress during competitions, for example diarrhea, bloating, nausea etc.

Improving Athletic Performance

MET has gained popularity because it improves athlete performance.

MET optimizes metabolic efficiency and provides many benefits. Some of the benefits that can be seen are:

  1. A reduction in body fat
  2. Reduced body weight
  3. An increase in stamina (mentally and physically)
  4. Improvement in recovery
  5. Improved cognitive functioning 
  6. Increased running speed
  7. Better sleep
  8. An improvement in power – weight ratio

In summary

Regardless if you compete or not, adopting MET will improve your body from the inside out. The key to metabolic efficiency is to look at your daily nutrition and adapt it to your needs.

Combining the right nutrition for the right exercise, helps improve health and athletic performance overall.

The outcome of metabolic efficiency is a smarter and not harder exercising regime!

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